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Drug and Alcohol Testing in Houston, TX

You can rely on Houston DNA Alcohol & Drug Testing Services for top-notch alcohol testing. In 2005, US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHSA) found 19.7 million Americans 12 and older, used illicit drugs. Of that, 17.2 million 18 and older were full or part time workers. In 2004, 6.1% between age 12-17 needed alcohol treatment and 14 million, 5.4% needed illicit drug abuse treatment.

Alcohol and Drug Testing - Teens/Parents

Parents who are suspicious of drug abuse by their child or family member.
To monitor a child with a history of drug use.

Alcohol and Drug Testing - Companies

Substance abuse is a serious workplace problem. Studies show substance abusers:

  • Miss more days
  • Less Productive
  • More violent
  • Higher health cost
  • More likely to cause injuries and accidents
  • File more workers compensation Claims
Alcohol Testing in Houston, TX

When to do Alcohol and Drug Testing in the Workplace

  • Pre Employment Alcohol and Drug Testing
  • Post Accident Alcohol and Drug Testing- Rules out substance abuse as a contributing factor in the event of an accident as a safety measure for all employees involved
  • Reasonal Suspiction Alcohol and DrugTesting - Drug testing employees who show obvious signs of unfit or documented unsafe behavior
  • Pre Promotion Alcohol and Drug Testing
  • Random Alcohol and DrugTesting- If they know you will test unpredictably, it decreases the likelihood of abuse. It also identifies those who need help or to be disciplined.
  • Follow Up or Return to Duty Drug testing- after participating in rehabilitation

Methods of Alcohol and Drug Testing

1) Hair Test: (Hair follicle drug test)

Uses 1 1/2 inch of hair. Detects drug use for up to 90 days and is therefore good for detecting a history of drug use. Hair drug testing does not detect drug use until within 7 to 10 days of use. To test positive, drugs must be used at least three times in that window. Drugs ingested are circulated into the blood. The blood nourishes the hair follicle and allows it to grow. As it grows, the newly grown hair will have traces of the drugs trapped within the core of the strand. Dyes, bleach or shampoo do not affect the results of the hair drug test. Limited exposure to smoke in a room also does not affect the results of the hair drug test.

2) Breath alcohol Test:

DOT approved equipment used.

3) Urinalysis: (Urine Drug Test)

Detects traces of a drugs in the urine. Traces of drugs can be found within a short time after using them. Depending on the drug, traces can remain for days or weeks. There are two methods:

  • Rapid Screen drug test- provides instant results which are FDA approved but not DOT approved. An Independent study found this test 100% accurate. However, positive results should be confirmed by certified SAMHSA lab. This test is good for drug screening of employees.
  • 100% accuracy drug test done by a Federally certified SAMHSA lab with specific chain of custody procedures followed. This method of drug testing is DOT approved. Results are received in 48 to 72 hours.