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Workplace Drug Testing in Houston, TX

If you have concerns about your employees' sobriety or if you are required by law to administer workplace drug testing in Houston, TX, Houston DNA Alcohol & Drug Testing Services can provide the services that you need.

Workplace drug testing is convenient and easy to oversee as an employer. It allows you to meet your testing goals without causing stress on your production goals or disrupting the workforce schedule. It takes mere minutes to conduct a reliable test, and we can administer enough tests to check all your employees during one on-site session, or we can do random testing.

Thanks to our experience and testing skills, we can ensure that each analysis is conducted appropriately and there is no tampering or cheating. We use advanced screening methods, and our testing staff members are highly trained to streamline the entire process.

When you decide to have alcohol and drug testing at your business, contact Houston DNA Alcohol & Drug Testing Services. We will consult with you to get the details of what service you need and the particulars of your workforce so that we can create the best testing plan for your company.